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    It has been said that Lebanese cuisine is the most balanced of all the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean diets and therefore comes with a long legacy of mouthwatering but also healthy dishes that is teeming with exotic flavors as well as a multitude of health benefits.

    Lebanese dishes are largely based on a series of natural, unprocessed ingredients, like fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, an array of legumes and whole grains, cold pressed oils including olive and sesame (tahini), locally sourced meats and seafood, fresh and fermented yoghurt and other dairy, nuts and seeds.

    These foods naturally contain high levels of essential nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, chlorophyll, proteins and essential fatty acids and are further enhanced during preparation and cooking with the right levels and range of special Middle Eastern herbs & spices including coriander, parsley, oregano, garlic, fresh & dried mint, cumin, nutmeg and cinnamon just to name a few.

    Oriental Vegetable based dishes are the most frequently consumed and this makes Lebanese cuisine particularly attractive to Vegetarians and Vegans or those who would simply like to balance out their meat consumption. Nevertheless, for those who love meat, and seafood, there is always an array of exotic dishes from grills to slow cooked and oven-baked delights.

    At Byblos Lebanese Restaurant, there is something for everybody.